‘His victims are numerous, and span over 20years’ Comedienne Princess blasts those asking her to forgive Baba Ijesha

Amidst several reactions trailing the rejection of bail application of Nollywood actor Baba Ijesha over the alleged sexual molestation of a minor, comedienne Princess Damilola has replied to those asking her to forgive the embattled actor.

It was recalled that the photos of the actor which emerged online during the court hearing in Lagos attracted pity from many Nigerians hence pleaded with Princess to let go of the case.

Also, during the trial on Wednesday, June 16, Kayode Olabiran, his counsel, prayed the court to release his client, citing his deteriorating health. He said the controversial nature of the case has made it difficult to secure his release despite his bail as intending sureties were scared of the likely consequences.

But in his ruling, P. E Nwaka, the judge, held that the court could not grant the actor bail because the matter is beyond its jurisdiction. The judge also explained that the case has already been filed before the high court.

Taking to Instagram, Princess shared a WhatsApp message and voice note she received from a secretary of Baba Ijesha pleading on his behalf.

Responding, Princess averred that people keep committing crimes and dehumanizing others, but they are the ones who turn round to claim they are victims.

According to Princess, who is bent on getting justice for her daughter, there are numerous people Baba Ijesha had molested in the past, adding it’s high time that people understand that she can no longer cover his evil deeds.

She said that those trying to smear her name and subject her to cyberbully are rape apologist urging them to leave her alone as the case is no longer about her but the Lagos state government.

She wrote: #Survivingbabaijesha Forgive & forget is what got us to where we are today. People keep committing crimes & dehumanizing others but they are the ones who turn round to claim they are victims. His victims are numerous and spans over 20years for God’s sake!!! Yoruba ronú, we need to STOP covering EVIL if we want to move forward. Trying to smear my name & bully me at all cost shows you are a RAPE Apologists. Baba Ijesha has a case with Lagos State, go and face the government and leave me alone.

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