Despite Criticisms, Yomi Fabiyi’s Movie “Oko Iyabo” Reaches One Million Views In Few Weeks (Photos)

Last week was a dramatic one in the Nollywood Industry as a lots of banters and shadings were traded among the actors and actresses, most especially because of Yomi Fabiyi’s movie, Oko Iyabo.

Yomi Fabiyi is a Nollywood Actor and a friend to Baba Ijesha, who was arrested earlier this year for allegedly raping a 14year old minor. Yomi Fabiyi who is also a human right activist begged to differ against the allegations, stating that the CCTV footage released as evidence did not carry any evidence of rape, so he championed the agitation that Baba Ijesha should be released.

Not only did he succeed in bailing Baba Ijesha, he released a movie about the whole scenario titled “Oko Iyabo” and this raised a lot of eyebrows in the industry and among fans.

After the attention of TAMPAN was called to the movie, Yomi Fabiyi was summoned and found guilty of breaking professional ethics and was suspended.

Despite the ban, Yomi Fabiyi released the link to the video (which was not available for public view) on his Instagram page and announced today that the movie had reached one million views.

He thanked his critics, fans and viewers for making it happen.

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