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Fans React As Fuji Musician, Saheed Osupa Shares Educative Story On Instagram

Saheed Osupa

Lovely fans of Nigerian Popular Fuji Musician, Saheed Osupa have reacted to the lengthy educative story shared on his official Instagram page about an aged artist who lived in a small village.

He wrote in his lengthy post: There was an aged artist who lived in a small village. The man used to design beautiful artistic works to be sold at an attractive price.

One day, a poor man among the villagers challenged the old man saying ” You earn a lot of money from your handwork but why don’t you assist poor people in the village?

Can’t you see that the butcher is not as rich as you are, but he still shares free meat to the poor people in the village?

Also, look at the village baker. He is a poor man with a large family. Yet he gives the poor people free loaves of bread.

The artist did not respond angrily to the accusations. He only smiled.

The poor man was confused about the reaction of the artist so he left him and went out spreading rumors that the artist was so rich, but he was a selfish person who only accumulated wealth and refused to help the poor.

The villagers hated the old artist and forsook him.

The old artist became sick and could not do anything for himself but nobody among the villagers cared to visit him or helped him so he died a lonely old man.

The days passed by and the villagers observed that the butcher stopped free distribution of meat and the baker could not give the poor people free loaves of bread any more.

When the butcher and Baker were asked why they stopped helping the villagers, they said that ” the old artist used to donate money every month to pay for the free meat and bread to the poor people in the village. Now that he was dead, there was nobody to pay for the free food anymore.

Actually, many people may have wrong impressions and different opinions about you.

But do not allow any of them to influence or destroy who you are.

Do not pass judgement on anyone based on his physical appearance or what people say about him.

There are things about his personal life you do not know.

If you were privileged to know about them, your judgement would surely be different.

A man died in a drinking-spot / dance hall. Another person died in mosque or church.

If we are to judge them, we would say that the 1st man died a sinner and the 2nd man died a righteous man.

But the 1st man entered the drinking spot to preach against sin and the 2nd man entered the mosque or church to steal from the church. For this reason, you and I cannot decide who goes to heaven or who goes to hell.

Fear God in your privacy and fear God in your open.

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