Actress Mo Bimpe gets into trouble for dancing with another man

Mo Bimpe

Nollywood actress, Adebimpe Oyebade better known as Mo Bimpe has been slammed for dancing with her male colleague, Itele.

Mo Bimpe shocked many when she shared a video of her rocking Itele on the set of a movie.

In the video, Mo Bimpe was seen moving close to Itele who was trying to treat her with caution considering her marital status.

Her post drew mixed reactions as many termed it too provocative for a married woman.

Voicing out his displeasure, he wrote : “This is not good, you as a respectful married woman should respect yourself dancing with another man is very bad please try and limit all this you are married already”.

Mo Bimpe replied “It is well with you”.

Mo Bimpe dragged for dancing with Itele