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“He threatened me with cutlass after I asked him to leave my farm with his cows” – Man arrested for killing herdsman in Ogun claims self-defence 4

A 39-year-old man, identified as Saheed Ogundahun, has been arrested for killing a herdsman and burying his body in a bush in Ogun state.

The herdsman who has been identified as Zanda Abu, was shot and killed by Saheed on March 12 after an argument between them.

Man arrested

According to reports, one Alhaji made a report at the Ewekoro Division on March 13 that the herdsman left with some cows a day earlier but was yet to return.

He added that he got information that a gunshot was heard around the area that the herdsman went grazing. Acting on his information, men of the Ogun state Police Command launched a search around the area but didn’t find anything.

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Following investigation, the farmer said to be a citizen of Republic of Benin resident in Nigeria, was arrested and confessed to killing the herdsmen and burying his corpse in the bush.

A Dane Gun which he reportedly used to kill the victim was also recovered from him.

Ogundahun speaking in an interview with Nigerian Tribune, claimed he killed the victim out of self defense because he threatened to kill him with a cutlass.

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His words,

“I went to farm that morning, came home at about 3pm to eat and went back again at about 5pm,”

As I was going back, I met a girl who me that there were some cows in my farm. On getting to the farm, I saw the man herding the cows to the farm and asked him to leave my farm but he refused

“After asking to leave three times, he brought out a cutlass. I asked him what he wanted to use the cutlass for, but was warned by someone not to move close to him as I might be injured.

“Eventually, I forced him to leave the farm and as he left, he crossed to the other side of the road and waited there, threatening me to move close. I did and he raised the cutlass, causing everyone around to move back. I shot him on the head but I have realised that I made a mistaken.”

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