Dejo Tunfulu Second Son Finally Reveals The Real Cause Of His Father’s Death (See Details)

Dejo Tunfulu

It’s no longer news that Nigerian comic actor, Dejo Adetokunbo popular known as Dejo Tunfulu died on Thursday and the cause of his death was not revealed. However, the second son of the comic actor narrated how his father died, pointing out that the doctors failed to attend to him when his breathing changed. Speaking in an interview with PLUSMedia TV, he said;

My father’s death pained me a lot but since it has happened, there is nothing I can do about it. I’ve accepted his fate that God knows best because nothing was wrong with him before he died. On Tuesday, my father attended Asiwaju’s birthday, on Wednesday, he went to a location to shoot a film and when he came back in the night, he said he wants to eat fish which he went outside to buy. He prepared the soup himself and told us to get him amala which we went out to buy for him.”

“After he ate the amala, we all entered our room to sleep but later in the night, they came to tell me that something is wrong with my father, that I should come to see for myself. When I got to where he is, he was paralysed and couldn’t talk, so I quickly made pap for him because he has already vomited the food he ate last night. After he drank the pap, there was still no change, so we rushed him to a private hospital around 4 am and they rejected him, pointing out that there was nothing they can do about it.”

“So, we rushed him to Ikorodu General hospital and they accepted us. Later in the morning, my father started gaining his strength back but one hand was not functioning well, so the doctors passed blood to him. I went back to check on him and he was already getting better but while I was leaving, his breathing changed then I told the doctors to quickly attend to him, but they asked me if I want to teach them their job. After some minutes, I saw the doctors pressing my father’s chest and I rushed in to confirm if it is not what I’m thinking. My father died a few minutes after his breathing changed.”