Sotayo Gaga opens up dumping acting because of marriage

Sotayo Gaga

Popular Nollywood actress Tayo Sobola better known as Sotayo Gaga has opened up on life as a married woman.

In a recent interview with Sunday Sun, the newly crowned Queen Mother of Uke Kingdom in Nasarawa State reacted to the trend of men restricting their wives from acting after marriage.

She said: “It’s their decision. I believe that for you to decide to marry an actress in the first place, there was something that you saw. If you eventually marry and say you don’t want that aspect of her, then it is left for the woman to decide if she can abide by it. It is a decision for the lady to make if she can cope with it. Most men do these things as a result of jealousy. They think that the way they saw her is the same way others will notice her.”

Asked if she can you give up her career for marriage, Sotayo said, “it depends. The question is that how many times do I even act now? One thing takes the other away; that is the truth. People think they can juggle, but eventually discover that one of those things would take precedence. Now, I do a whole lot of services that are taking me away from my career as an actress. It is not like my husband or anyone is saying don’t do movies again. He lets me do what I want. But I have to respect that there is a limit I can go when I am acting, and I don’t need to be told.”

The movie star also shared the biggest gift marriage has given to her: ” I have always been reserved, but I don’t look it. Marriage has given me the ability to maintain who I have been.”