All I can see is a queen – Fans gush over actor Hafiz Oyetoro’s daughter after he shared photos of her

Fans gush over actor Hafiz Oyetoro’s daughter
Fans gush over actor Hafiz Oyetoro’s daughter
Fans gush over actor Hafiz Oyetoro’s daughter
All I can see is a queen – Fans gush over actor Hafiz Oyetoro’s daughter after he shared photos of her 3

Theatre practitioner and arts consultant, Oyetoro Hafiz aka Saka has got fans gushing over his daughter after he shared cute selfies of her.

Narrating the story behind the shots, Saka said his daughter made him take some selfies with her to prove that she is as tall as him, if not taller.

After sharing the selfies, the actor and comedian asked his followers to judge fairly if his daughter is taller than him as she has claimed..

Saka wrote:

“She looked at me smiling one kind. And I asked “Okanlawon this one that you are smiling to me one kind I am sure you are up to something. Oya now come out with it. “
She smiles again and said “hmmmm daddy daddy am not up to anything. I just realized now that I’m becoming a big girl now”
“I laughed “you that we just gave birth to this yesterday? “
She kept quiet a bit and then ” that’s true o daddy. Well let’s take a selfie.” And we did.
After about 5 minutes, she called me again. ” Daddy and you said I’m a small girl hmmm ok o. But look at our picture o. Somebody is as tall as her Daddy if not taller self”. I beg help us judge. But then NOTE THAT MY CAP IS PART OF MY HEAD O. I don’t want any bias judgement o. … IT IS WELL.”


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Daddy remove your Cap jor, baby girl is taller

She is a BIGGER GIRL and ALLAH will continue to keep and guide her….she will make you and the entire OYETORO FAMILY extremely proud. Her “EJI” is finer than DADDY’s own. I SAY SO!

She is taller than you oooo

With the smile Daddy and Daughter much for Sir

So cute

Allah’s blessings and protection on you all

Daughter is taller than daddy oo

……. Your Female Version Egbon

God bless her

It was recalls that Hafiz Oyetoro who is fondly referred to as Saka and his wife, Saidat Olaide are celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary some years ago.

To celebrate his marriage for the past fifteen years, the popular actor recounted on his ordeal with women including his wife, before he got married.

In what appeared like a twist of events, Saka now shares the story of his life as a testimony.

Read his heart felt note here;

“While growing up, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what a woman is. But when it was time for me to find my own woman, it dawned on me that a woman is not a man. In my search, I came across a lady who was edging me on, making me to belief she loved “me”. Well, I decided to propose. She had listened quietly with encouraging countenance on her face. I went on to fantasy on how our “coming together” would be the best thing that could happen to us. Then… “Are you sure you are ready?” “YES” I answered. “Where is your car?” “I will get one soon”
She smiled “If eventually you are able to get a car God knows when, wont you go to work with the car?” I noded proudly “So when I get married to YOU I Will be jumping on public buses”
I read her lips.She had simply told me that I have to offer Me+ 2cars at least before she could say “yes” I needed no Imam to tell me she wasn’t my wife. I decided to face my career and leave “woman palava” until I met this woman who my mind told me had been searching for me. After “toasting” her we became friends. My brotherly friend Gbenga Windapo was the Gardner who kept watering the flower of the friendship. One day a voice came “Hafiz Mumu you no go propose abi na when Jesus come back you go do am” So I proposed. She was silent for some minutes. I thought I saw her looking me over! Ye! This one too was calculating my worth. My God! What will this one ask? A building at Banana Island? I was almost saying in my mind I lost again. Then… “YES!” I had thought it was a voice in me that spoke in such audible voice. But the assurance on her gentle beautiful face assured me I had heard her voice and I heard her right. She never asked what I could offer before she could agree to be my wife. She never requested for any material standard. I remembered then I was living in a “room and parlour” portion in a civilian barrack where we used general toilet and kitchen. This woman stood by me. She has never wavered in helping me achieve my dream, our dream our future! She had taught me what womanhood is. She had taught me a woman is a divine catalyst for achieving future dreams.
This day May 24th 15 years ago Saidat Olaide”

This story ofcourse is not known for the first time by die-hard fans as the actor often seize every and any given opportunity to celebrate his adorable wife

Well, for them it’s fifteen years down, forever to go