How Fans Reacted To Comedienne Ada Ebere’s Recent Photos On Social Media

Comedienne Ada
Comedienne Ada
Comedienne Ada
How Fans Reacted To Comedienne Ada Ebere's Recent Photos On Social Media 8

Popular Comedienne Ada Ebere took to her page on Instagram to share new stunning photos of herself. She wore a pink mini dress alongside white sleek heels that appeared elegant on her.

Take a look at the photos she shared below


Ada Ebere (known by her Instagram name: Ada La Pinky) is a fast-rising entertainer in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She is a popular skit maker known for creating hilarious contents on social media. She currently has a growing fanbase with over four hundred followers on Instagram.

In a bid to engage her fans on her recent post, the comedienne asked her fans a question in the caption of the post.

Her caption reads, ‘can I come stay with you?’

Her fans took to the comments section to drop their answers to the question while others shared their thoughts about her photos. Take a look at how her fans reacted in the screenshots below

How Fans Reacted To Comedienne Ada Ebere's Recent Photos On Social Media 9