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“What you see is what you get” Laide Bakare mocks Regina Chukwu, Wumi Toriola, others

Laide Bakare
Laide Bakare
Laide Bakare

Actress and multimillionaire Laide Bakare has mocked her colleagues, like Regina Chukwu, Wumi Toriola, Bimbo Afolayan, Biodun Okeowo and the likes who are into the cosmetic business and use Skin filters to promote their photos, and videos.

Sharing natural photos of herself moments ago to promote a cosmetic brand, the single mother of three who recently completed an N100million mansion in Lekki, Lagos and purchased two brand new luxury cars, disclosed that she never uses filters for her photos.

“I have never used filters in my pictures, what you see is what you get, everything Natural…” Laide Bakare wrote.

Laide Bakare mocks Regina Chukwu, Wumi Toriola, others

News reports that this is coming hours after Regina Chukwu and Wumi Toriola posted selfies of themselves to promote their skincare brands.

Regina Chukwu in her post for her brand, Trippler Glow, had written “….You love my skin tone ??? Join my GlowGENG @tripplerglow …. We are good at what we do”

Laide Bakare mocks Regina Chukwu, Wumi Toriola, others

See Wumi Toriola’s post on her cosmetic brand, WT Glow below:

Laide Bakare mocks Regina Chukwu, Wumi Toriola, others

Meanwhile, news recalls that actress and legitimate businesswoman, Wumi Toriola, recently cried out to God and wondered why she is not able to afford the surprising all-of-a-sudden luxury lifestyle of her colleague, Laide Bakare.

  Laide Bakare splashed millions on acquiring two luxury cars; an acquisition that is coming barely a month after unveiling her N100million Mansion in the heart of Lekki. had revealed that she got them to compensate herself for her years of hard work and labour.

Laide Bakare cars

She wrote, “There comes a time in every girl’s life when she decides to pamper herself extravagantly to compensate for years of hard work and labour, having saved for years to acquire more luxurious houses and vehicles, it is saving for me to say that persistence is the basic key to glorious success.

Little by little then here I’m today. Just a few weeks after my new house opening.I give you all the praise ya Allah NB: pls note, this is not a show-off, but to further encourage ladies out there that it’s achievable, you can be successful on your own without depending on anybody in life. Huge congratulations to me. Alhaja Shakirat Olaide Bakare everything na double. I deliberately choose these two colours, to match my new house painting”

Responding to the post, Wumi Toriola cried out saying “God, am I not hardworking?”