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New mum comes under fire for piercing her daughter’s ears same day she was born (photos) 11

A new mom has been heavily criticized on TikTok for piercing her daughter’s ears on the same day she was born.

The Australian mom who has a TikTok account under her daughter’s name, Lara, had shared a lovely video of her daughter when she was born and what she looks like now at three months old.

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However, the eagle eyes of netizens spotted a flower earring in the photo taken when Lara was newly born in the hospital and they didn’t hesitate to drag her mom to filth for making the life-long decision for her daughter.

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According to critics, the mom should have waited till Lara was old enough to decide if she wants to pierce her ears or not.

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Some others defended the mom and stated that in some cultures, it’s normal to pierce a child’s ears at an early age.

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See how some reacted below,

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