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“Na These Guys Give Me F9”: Old Video Emerges of Davido With His Teacher (Video)


The throwback video showed Davido at his alma mater, British Secondary School (BIS) with some of his crew members. 

In the clip, the singer was surrounded by some members of the teaching and non-teaching staff as they excitedly tried to capture their moment with him. According to him, the teachers also used to give Ds and Cs during assessments. 

The singer said: “All of them, D, D, C, C. See your boy now.” 

The clip also captured the school staff trying to take photos with the singer as he went around greeting others. 

Internet users react to throwback video of Davido with his lecturers Read some of their comments below: 

Tunes_milli: “E call lecturer this guy baba sef no trip at all.” 

massive.graphicz said: After they ll say “Davido is so humble” imagine not giving your lecturer the respect he deserves just because he failed you… He didn’t give you f9, that’s what you worked for and you have no right to disrespect him like that!…. Well, moral of the lesson : Hustle ooo

gcashleo: 😂na so they do me too , but Alhamudulillah today , one day I park beside one of my stubborn teacher inside filling station ,I just tell the fuel attendance not to collect money from her , I so love Treat them well anywhere i met them, not bcoz of stubborn they show to me but bcoz of God

Watch video below;