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Ibrahim Chatta, Omo Borty, others join Bukola Arugba to praise God over her scary encounter on the highway (Video)

Bukola Arugba
Bukola Arugba
Bukola Arugba

Yoruba actress Bukola Awoyemi, better known as Bukola Arugba, has recounted a scary experience she had on the highway.

The wife of Damola Olatunji revealed that she was travelling when her tyre burst in motion on the highway around 6:30pm.

Bukola Arugba couldn’t believe she was kept there till a late hour as she had several scary thoughts.

However, she is grateful that nothing happened to her.

“I hate traveling by road. The funniest thing is; that’s what my job entails…. My tyre burst in motion on the highway, around 6:30…and can’t believe I’m being kept there till late hour. U won’t imagine my thoughts…. nkan ta ma he la nwa kiri, Baba ma je ka pade ohun ti yio he wa loruko nla Jesus Kristi Amin. Thankful to God Almighty”.

Taking to her comment section, her colleagues joined her in praising God.

Biola Bayo: Hope you’re good, sis? God will continue to keep us all away from all evil in Jesus’ name

Ibrahim Chatta: Thank God u are safe

Biodun Okeowo: Please hope you’re fine sis