“My heart is bleeding as the woman of grace left me in this wicked world” James Brown dramatically mourns Queen Elizabeth’s death

James Brown
James Brown

Dramatic Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown, popularly known as Duchess of London, has stirred the internet with his unique mourning of the late Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II.

News reported a few hours ago that the Queen of England died peacefully at her Balmoral Estate in Scotland on the 8th of September 2022.

Many had taken to social media to mourn the death of the British sovereign with heartwarming words.

James Brown shared a video of himself on his verified Instagram page, wailing as he mourns the death of his mentor. According to him, his heart is bleeding because the woman he looked up to had left him in this wicked world.

He wrote: “My heart is bleeding 💔💔💔 I can’t believe the woman I look up too is gone.

It’s painful 😣 that the woman I look up to and admire, the woman of Grace and Principles, has left me in this wicked world 😢 I’ll deeply miss you, my GOD MOTHER QUEEN ELIZABETH THE 8th.”

Following this move, Nigerians took to James Brown’s comment section to react to his dramatic way of mourning the Queen of England. He was fired online for his dramatic moves.