“I am not a lesbian” Comedian Bovi makes new revelation about daughter

“I am not a lesbian” Comedian Bovi makes new revelation about daughter

Nigerian comedian, Bovi Ugboma has shared an interesting conversation he had with his daughter.

The comedian had a little chit-chat with his daughter, Elena about her new school.

Recounting their conversation, Bovi revealed how his daughter shocked him when she vehemently denied being a lesbian.

The comedian cum actor had inquired about her new friends.

Elene revealed that she had mingled with a few, one of whom promised to sit with her in class.

Bovi compared it with a date and his daughter reminded him that her friend was of the same gender.

Bovi reiterated his statement as he emphasized on how dating isn’t limited to the opposite gender.

Elena caught him off guard when she bodily stated that she isn’t a lesbian.

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Bovi: Elena did you make new friends at school today?

Elena: yes dad. One even said she would sit with me in class tomorrow

Bovi: oh that’s like a date

Elena: she’s a girl

Bovi: doesn’t matter Girls go on date

Elena: Daddy! I am not a lesbian

(Bovi frozen to death).

This is coming days after, Bovi Ugboma defended his daughter, Elena, over the massive backlash she received for talking to him in a rude tone.

Bovi had shared a video of him reprimanding his daughter for watching tv while her brother and his wife cook.

Hitting back at him, a pissed Elena stated that she wasn’t ready for the drama and as such, she would listen to his voice.

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When Bovi slammed his wife for spoiling her, Elena countered that his wife was the same woman who spanked him.

Bovi: You can’t be here like this Elena when your brother is there cooking.

Elena: Okay

Bovi: How can your brother know how to cook and you don’t know how to cook?

Elena: I said okay, I am not ready for your drama I will go and help

Bovi: Drama with who?

Elena: Drama with you when you don’t know how to cook

Bovi: Who told you I don’t know how to cook?

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Bovi: Your mum is spoiling you by not teaching you how to cook

Elena: Spoil who? This is the same woman who spanked me

Her words didn’t sit well with many as they saw it as rude behavior.

Defending his daughter, Bovi stated that his daughter was only being expressive.

According to him, his daughter was only speaking freely which doesn’t necessarily mean indiscipline.

He noted how many were raised to think confident use of words amounted to being rude.

Using examples, Bovi added that many were triggered because they were abused growing up and have mistaken being outspoken for being rude.