Mama Rainbow’s First Son Shops For Mother Ahead Of Her 80th Birthday Celebration. (VIDEO)

Mama Rainbow
Mama Rainbow
Mama Rainbow's First Son Shops For Mother Ahead Of Her 80th Birthday Celebration. (VIDEO) 8

The preparations have begun for the 80th birthday celebration of a popular Nollywood veteran actress, Idowu Philips better known as “Mama Rainbow” as her first son, Femi Philips began shopping or his mother ahead of the big day.


The video of the shopping was posted by the highly respected actress on her social media page. Femi Philips, who is also an actor, and the most popular child of the elderly thespian went for the shopping with an aunty of his in the United Kingdom, to get expensive bags and shoes for his mother.


However, this was coming weeks to Mama Rainbow’s 80th birthday, which would be coming up in mid-October, and has been predicted to be an elaborate party.


Mama Rainbow is one of the oldest actresses in the industry, who has been in the industry for about six decades, and she still looked agile and young for her age. The Septuagenarian is a loving mother of five children, and also a fulfilled grandmother. c53f2055e23e4855a5e2a71a3aeed891?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720

Video here