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Harrysong pleads for prayers, after regaining freedom

Harrysong pleads for prayers, after regaining freedom
Harrysong pleads for prayers, after regaining freedom
Harrysong pleads for prayers

Singer Harrysong has called for prayers and love from his fans, hours after regaining freedom.

The singer who made his first post, announcing his freedom from police custody, surprised many with his recent tweet.

The ‘Reggae Blue’ crooner begged fans to pray for him and to show him love.

“Pls say a prayer for me. Wherever you are. Just a prayer, with love”.

Harrysong regains freedom

Recall that hours after news broke out that Harrysong would be release from police custody, the singer had regained freedom.

The singer took to his Instagram page to make his first official post.

Sharing a photo of him sitting in his car, Harrysong called for his fans to play him a song.

“Play me chin chon thin….”.

In a post on his Instagram story, Harrysong promised to share details of his agreement and settlement with Soso.

The singer also stated that all was well between him and his former boss.

“I’m out & Ok. As I no die”.

We’re good now. Details of our agreement & settlement, Live on my Instagram 11pm tonight”.

Harrysong arrested for laying false allegation against Soso Soberekon

Recall that Harrysong had stir the hornet nest when he made false allegation against his former boss.

While lamenting the issue of fake friendship in the Nigerian scene, he claimed that the music executive was after his life.

According to him, Soso wasn’t his friend, because he sent people to kill him in Port Harcourt.

He made this shocking revelation during an interview on the Frankly Speaking podcast partly hosted by Comedian, Nedu.

His statement had cost him his arrest as he was picked up at the airport on Tuesday, October 11 by the police.

After much drilling and failure to provide any proof to his claims, Harrysong bowed to pressure and apologised to Soso.

The apology took place at the State Commissioner of Polices office today, October 12.

Harrysong claimed that he made the allegation because he was under pressure.

Following his apology which Soso had accepted, he dropped all charges against the singer.

Harrysong calls for prayers