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See what attacked me at midnight – Actor Kelvin Chizzy shares video of creature that stomped his living room at the dead of night

See what attacked me at midnight – Actor Kelvin Chizzy shares video of creature that stomped his living room at the dead of night
See what attacked me at midnight – Actor Kelvin Chizzy shares video of creature that stomped his living room at the dead of night
kelvin snake

Award winning producer and actor Kelvin Chizzy has taken to IG to release footage of the snake that stomped his living room at the dead of night.

According to Kelvin, a dark skinned snake invaded his house at midnight to attack him.

The filmmaker, who seemed unruffled by the creature, asked the reptile to tell him who sent him as he believed the animal was sent on a mission to deal with him. ‘Who sent you, you are mad, I will burn you with fuel, you are mad well well’. He told the snake in the video..

Burning the snake, He wrote in the caption:

‘I say make I post this one ☝️, I been no Dey post before but I’m angry 😡 right now…. 12AM midnight 🕛 you Dey come find your grandfather 👴 for my house 🏠even get mind enter my Sitting room.. Ife Onye Ma, Ya Malu Ya ..

Maybe they didn’t explain very well to you, I’m a child of Almighty God. Our Redeemer Liveth we shall live…..

Son of Chikagba, Only Son Of Okafor, Son of Ezeagha and Offspring of EzeDike….

Mgbuo gi, mgbaa Gi Oku 🔥 …
I’m not Capping!’.

‘Satan is targeting children this endtime, always pray for every child’ – Gifty Powers shares video of girl possessed by snake demon

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Gifty Powers has urged her fans and followers on her social media page to pray for every child out there.

The single mum of one shared a video of a girl in church who was being reportedly delivered from the captives of snake demon.

She caption the short clip, “This little girl was possessed by a snake demon.

Please, there is a reason why this was shared. Never forget to put every child in your prayers, it can be your biological children, stepchildren, nieces & nephews, cousins, neighbors’ children, or children you’ve seen on the roadsides begging, children selling for their parents in the shops – every child should never be left out. Every child is a count.

We are in the last days – my people, Satan is targeting the generation of today, and who is the generation of today? The children. We can do this. We can withstand any demon with the power of God living in us. Amen! “

Nollygistvibes had a few days ago reported that  Gifty Powers said a powerful prayer for her beautiful daughter.

Gifty who has successfully kept the identity of her daughter’s father a top secret via her Instagram page showered her with kind words and prayers.

According to the reality show star, it is not her daughter’s birthday yet, but she decided to express her inner feelings.

She wrote: “To the most beautiful human, I have ever laid eyes on. Look at how grown you’ve become. I become very emotional when I look back at how far we’ve come. I am more than honored to have you in my Life.

It’s not yet your birthday but I wish to celebrate you on this day with a grateful heart to God for allowing me to be your mother and to experience the joy it is to be a mother- Nothing beats this kind of feeling.

Mommy loves you to the moon and back.

My photocopy, Ada-m, Nwachukwu, nwa chukwu na gozie back to back, pawpaw-m, my cherry on my ice cream, my sugar in my Korea tea.

You are blessed forevermore.

My everyday morning blessings, without salt or pepper, as your mother continues to follow you all the days of your life, including to your generation.

I soak your spiritual and psychical being in the blood of Jesus.

Any evil eyes that see you shall go blind permanently without no cure.