“I’m back to my biggest fear,my country NIGERIA and nothing as change – Actress Kemi Afolabi Laments

Actress Kemi Afolabi
Actress Kemi Afolabi
Actress Kemi Afolabi
Actress Kemi Afolabi

Nollywood Actress Kemi Afolabi who left Nigeria some months back in the course of her treatment has returned to Nigeria but with a displeased mind on how the country has remained the same.

Sharing a photo of herself on arrival the actress wrote;

Back to my biggest fear…my country NIGERIA.
Nothing has changed! Same Nonni🙆‍♀️

our Airpot arrival is damn too hot. The way I quickly removed my Top and tied it on my waist to rock my camisole with pride ehn! them no they tell person, body go tell you.

From the Lagos Murtala Mohammed International Airport through oshodi to Mowe via the Lagos/ Ibadan Express way na traffic full everywhere! In the end no clue for the cause🤦‍♀️

Wait, what are these politician using to campaign in the forth coming elections naa because me I am not understanding o.

It must be extremely hard a task for the right authorities to track down kidnappers! This is no longer funny at the rate kidnapping is on the rise on a daily in Nigeria.

What will it cost the government to start ransacking day and night with the use of helicopters, ground troops and all?

The ofada-Owode road that leads to my home is in a sorry state that even SUV car will suffer a hiccup God!

Bia Ogun state governor when are you guys fixing the roads edakun🥲 this one concern una o.

Your excellency sir @dapoabiodunmfr we need your help urgently, the ofada, obafemi – owode, in mowe -ofada in Ogun state amongst others has gotten really worse. HELP US SIR, May God strengthen you to do it🙏

Why am I feeling this way though, I am supposed to be happy to be back home after a long time but I am just so sad mahnnnn💔

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