“So na like this my neck be abi?”- Kunle Afod react to his sketch by Bodataiye Oniyakuya

Kunle Afod
Kunle Afod

Nigerian actor Kunle Afod to his viral sketch of him created by a controversial sketch artist, Taiwo Osinowo, popularly known as ‘Bodataiye Oniyakuya’.

Bodataiye Oniyakuya who is fond of having fun at the expense of celebrities, sketch a funny of Kunle Afod with the caption:

I drew @kunleafod 💪,tag @kunleafod to rate my drawing 1-100,I still remain the best artist In UAR.

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Reacting to this Kunle Afod took to the comment section to ask if that is how long his neck is.

He also to his Instagram page to share the photo and ask the same question.

He wrote: @bodataiye_oniyakuya So na like this my neck be abi?

See the photo below: