Top Nigerian music stars with the largest fanbase

Top Nigerian music stars with the largest fanbase
Top Nigerian music stars with the largest fanbase
Top Nigerian music stars with the largest fanbase

Top Nigerian music stars with the largest fanbase: No matter if they are from Nigeria or not, fans are essential to the success of any artist. This is due to the fact that your followers will promote you for free by purchasing your music, attending your events, reposting your work, and more.

Nigerian artists have occasionally been known to sell out the O2 in London, and this is only feasible due to the sheer amount of followers they have worldwide in addition to in Nigeria.

Below are Top Nigerian music stars with the largest fanbase:


The wide range of fans for Davido from all over the world have a similar love for him. His followers are not limited to internet or “audio” followers. They are many and attend his concerts, as well as streaming his music to millions of people. A massive fanbase is the reason why artists like Davido always place at the top of the charts. Additionally, he sold out the UK’s 20,000-seat o2 Arena.

Davido currently has Nigeria’s highest fan following with over 25 million Instagram followers and 12.7 million Twitter followers.


The second-largest fan base in Nigeria belongs to Wizkid. His supporters, known as Wizkid FC (Wizkid Fan Club), are well-known for being incredibly encouraging both online and off. He was the first musician from Nigeria to sell out London’s O2 in under two minutes after tickets went on sale.

Even though Wizkid is thought to have the largest fan base of any Nigerian artist, according to recent social media follower counts, he is not at the top of the list. On Instagram, Wizkid has 15.5 million followers, and on Twitter, she has 11 million.

Tiwa Savage

The Queen of Afrobeats, as she is affectionately known, also has one of Nigeria’s biggest fan bases. She has a sizable internet following in addition to devoted offline supporters all around the world. Tiwa Savage can undoubtedly claim of devoted followers, as evidenced by her sold-out shows and the millions of streaming she has received worldwide.

On Instagram, Tiwa Savage has more over 15 million followers, and on Twitter, she has roughly 6 million.

Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade, a Nigerian performer, is renowned for her portrayal of African culture in both her songs and appearance. This is what gave her the label or nickname “Mama Afrika.”

When there is a rumor or miscommunication between the two parties, her “faithful” admirers would even harass other famous people or their followers (This is common among fans worldwide though). Yemi Alade is one of the top musicians on the list of Nigerian musicians with the biggest fan bases with more than 17 million Instagram followers and about 2 million Twitter followers.

Burna Boy

The “Giant of Africa” is also well recognized for having a sizable online following. Burna Boy is well-liked and tends to have devoted fans no matter the country he ventures into, whether it be Nigeria, the US, or the UK.

Burna Boy has established himself as one of the musicians with one of the largest fan bases in the world, boasting about 12 million Instagram followers and nearly 8 million Twitter followers.


One of Nigeria’s top rappers right now is Olamide (Badoo). Olamide, widely regarded as the “King of the Streets,” is renowned for giving young, gifted people on the “streets” a platform to show the world what they’ve got.

He has 5.9 million Twitter followers and 9.9 million Instagram followers.

DJ Cuppy

Another fandom that can boast of having a sizable following is cupcakes. Cuppy, a DJ and artist from Nigeria, is noted for calling her global fan following “Cupcakes.” Another artist with devoted followers is Cuppy, who is currently residing in London, United Kingdom.

Millions of people follow her on social media, including Twitter (5.3 million) and Instagram (9 million), ranking her seventh among Nigerian musicians with the biggest fan bases.


Falz is another well-known rapper from Nigeria. The musician has gained millions of followers all across the world since his rise to fame a few years ago.

Loyal fans frequently express their support for the musician through sold-out concerts and millions of song streaming, which enable him to charts around the world. The singer has a following of 9 million on Instagram and 2.8 million on Twitter.

Naira Marley

Despite having been a part of the music industry for over 8 years, Naira Marley just became well-known on a national scale in 2019 because to the release of his hit song “Am I a Yahoo Boy?” Since then, he has benefited from media coverage and a sizable following. He has similarly progressed to rank among the Nigerian musicians with the biggest fan bases.

Naira Marley has 4.4 million Twitter followers and 7 million Instagram followers. His fan base is growing every day. His followers are known as “Marlians.”


When Teniola Apata’s freestyle song “Uyo Meyo” was released, she gained notoriety. Teni is adored for her creativity and sense of humor in addition to her excellent singing voice, strong freestyling talents, and other general singing qualities. This is what has drawn her countless admirers from around the globe.

Teni boasts 1.4 million followers on Twitter and 4.9 million followers on Instagram.