Yoruba Actress Bukola Arugba Celebrate Her Baby Brother’s Birthday In Style

Nollywood actress Oluwabukola Awoyemi, aka Bukola Arugba is celebrating his brother’s birthday today.

Bukola Arugba took to social media to shares photo of his brother to shower prayer on his brother popular called Abuor Bukola.

Sharing his photo, she wrote:

Hurray 🥳🥳 it’s my baby brother’s birthday, my mama n papa last born… this boy hen, sorry, man 😄😁 before e vex for me…
When I said cuteness runs in the family you can see I wasnt lying… 😁😄😄 PHOTO MAN to mon oye, I love your creative ingenuity when it comes to photography, I love it when I sit pretty in front of the camera and watch my lil bro direct me, his photography directions is mad. Last born you are called, aburo Bukola, you will never be last when it comes to greatness and good things, you shall be called great greatness, the mark of the living GOD is upon you Samuel Olayemi Awoyemi, no man and no one shall trouble u. I love u so much my “first baby” you wont die young but live to declare the works of GOD in the land of the living in JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Everyone please help wish my lil bro @olayemiloya a hearty day

See his photos below;

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