Sophia Momodu reacts as Davido declares Chioma’s son his ‘Heir Apparent’

Sophia Momodu has reacted to the public declaration made by sensational singer Davido about his son Ifeanyi.

The singer shared a photo of his son with Chioma, Ifeanyi, on his Instagram page with the captioned ”Heir Apparent.”

Reacting to the post, the singer’s baby mama Sophia Momodu took to her Instastory to throw a subtle shade about doing her own things and never trying to fit in.

She wrote: She wrote: I don’t fit in. Never did. Never wanted to. I do my own shit.

The post generated reactions from netizens who slammed her for always reacting to Davido’s post whenever it has to do with Chioma and her son, Ifeanyi.

giff_tyee wrote: But if she is!!!! She should take several sits!!! Where was she when chioma was humilisted insulted mocked , she was prolly laughing somewhere !!!! So today he called ifeanyi heir apparent she wants to throw shades!!!

giff_tyee wrote: When he bought imade Rolex you no complain, bought chain you no complain ! How many kids get such this days !! Y’all go to hell!!! Anything that involves chioma you guys take it personal clowns

msfavoured wrote: Lol knew she will be the first to react never disappoints. Davido knows how to spite people. The best thing is to ignore his childish ass. But Sophia must fall for that trap.

okwy_mfb wrote: This sophia must always react to every thing. She should calm down and take a good example from chioma. Even with all the TVC broadcast new and talk show about chioma, she never uttered a word or made side comments. That made her a super star without advert. Sophia should learn how to control her anger and tongue. Davido knows how to get at them anytime

maryaamdantalle wrote: But na first son be heir nah… why are y’all nau angry

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