“You Sure Say You Go Make Heaven” -Nollywood Actress Reacts After Seeing A Funny Portrait Of Herself (Photo)

Nollywood actress Biola reacts after seeing a funny portrait of herself on social media,she jokily tackled the young man that drew her in that funny wayArt is beautiful but very few people is blessed with the skills to make a very beautiful drawing or portrait.

A young man on social media drew his favourite actress according to his own level and skill of drawing,his hilarious drawing stirred reactions reactions from the actress and her colleagues in the entertainment industry

She wrote “@bodataiye_oniyakuya Uncle you sure ipe you go make heaven lai dis? Just be asking God for forgiveness o, see as my nose be like igbako tuwo,you go need do like 1 year dry fast o”

She tried to create a funny atmosphere on her page but it was so obvious she wasn’t pleased with the drawing at all.

Her colleagues and fans also reacted to her post,see details in the screenshots below;

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