Baba Ijesha Used To Leave The Cell Daily To Places He Likes And Return When He Likes- Princess Says

As the case against Nigerian comedian James Omiyinka, better known by his stage name “Baba Ijesha,” has taken on new dimensions, Nigerians eager to learn how the case will conclude have expressed their concerns.

It was reported that the comedian was taken to court about two days ago, but the final verdict of his trial has yet to be determined by the court; however, several Nigerians, including Mama Rainbow and Olaiya Igwe, who are senior colleagues of Baba Ijesha in Nigeria’s movie industry, were still very pathetic about the comedian’s situation.

Baba Ijesha

According to BBC Yoruba news, these people had visited the home of the Princess, the prosecutor of Baba Ijesha.

According to the source, the Princess claimed that these senior colleagues were pleading on behalf of Baba Ijesha, whom they believed had been suffering in prison since his detention, and the Princess claimed that information about how Baba Ijesha was taken daily to enjoy himself had been revealed to her, but that it was none of her business what she cares about is that Baba Ijesha should be there.

Mama Rainbow

According to the source, when the Princess explained how everything began to Mama Rainbow, especially how Baba Ijesha first defiled the little girl seven years ago, Mama Rainbow became dumbfounded. 

In short, the Princess concluded that she is not interested in anyone who will beseech her to leave Baba Ijesha. All she wants is that justice should prevail. 

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