Bobrisky Laments Over The Rate Of Notifications He Is Getting Due To His Recently Enhanced Buttocks

Popular cross-dresser, Bobrisky has lamented due to the rate at which people are requesting for photos of his recently enhanced buttocks while saying that it is quite alarming and disturbing.

The cross-dresser took to his official and verified Instagram page with almost 4 million active followers to disclose that he has received a lot of notifications from people who are requesting for photos of his new buttocks. He further asserted that these set of people have refused to rest until they have a glance at it. Bobrisky who doesn’t seem to like this has expressed his resentment to this.

Recall that some days back, the cross-dresser was said to have undergone a butt surgery which brought him so much pain and consequently, he was advised to have a rest in order for him to heal properly. During the healing process and before this post, Bobrisky said that he would not be flaunting his buttocks online because he did the surgery for his boyfriend alone. Despite this, it seems that a lot of individuals are still on his neck requesting to see his new body, and he has vehemently refused to show it on social media.

See the screenshot of the post he recently made:

Bobrisky also sparked reactions on social media some days back, when he presented the valuable and goodies he would give to any man who agrees to be his lover. Bobrisky promised stuffs like a car worth 100 million Naira, a trip abroad, a change of wardrobe (he promised designer clothes and shoes) and so many other things. Bobrisky is largely known for his lavish lifestyle, the cross-dresser is also regarded as a cheerful giver. One can recall when Bobrisky repeatedly rewarded fans who tattooed his name and image on their bodies as a sign of love.

Bobrisky has also promised to gift a lucky fan a Mercedes-Benz car worth 10 million Naira on his birthday as a way of marking his birthday celebration in a grand style. The cross-dresser today has come to be loved by many due to the fact that he has helped people who were in need. Bobrisky is described today as a highly rated Nigerian celebrity.

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