Yoruba Actress, Elizabeth Omowunmi Celebrates Daughter Birthday As She Clocks 6 Years Today (Photos)

Nigerian actress and mother of one, Elizabeth Omowunmi Tekovi Da-silva is happy to announce to the world that her daughter, Malia Shonuga has added another year to her age on June 23, 2021.

The movie star took to her Instagram page to share photos of her adorable daughter who clocked 6 years. She took her time to wish the little girl a happy birthday and also said some words of prayers to her.

Since it is Malia’s birthday, let us talk a little about her. Many of us may not really know much because she has not put herself out there to the world and show us what she can do, all we know about her right now is that she is the little daughter of one of Nollywood’s finest actresses.

She had her Instagram account opened back in October 2020 and she currently boasts of 165 followers, so small you might think. Well, her mother did not really show her to the world as much as she was supposed to, this probably explains why she has a few followers on her page but I believe that after this article, many of you might have a reason to follow her.

A quick visit to her social media page on Instagram revealed her smartness, intelligence and social skills. Malia could actually, if not entirely, and perhaps with the support of her mother, bake cakes for her family. She speaks good English and I believe that she is not schooling in Nigeria because her accent sounds American.

I would literally describe the birthday girl as a vibrant, sociable, smart and fashion-oriented individual and this does not come as a surprise to me because her mother is a genius herself.

Elizabeth is blessed with two kids, a boy, Dohji Abefemi Olasunkanmi and a girl, Malia Shonuga. Dohji is 8 years old and he celebrated his 8th birthday on June 15, he is a brand influencer and has over 35 thousand followers on his Instagram page.

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