Iyabo, Deep Inside My Heart, I Have Forgiven You — Actor Yomi Fabiyi Says To Actress Iyabo Ojo

The fantastic Nigerian yoruba actor Yomi Fabiyi has taken to his social media platform, to reveal that he has forgiven actress Iyabo Ojo. Yomi Fabiyi reveals that he doesn’t know himself and actress Iyabo Ojo can be angry with each other, because she is a nice person.

Revealing that he has forgiven actress Iyabo Ojo, actor Yomi Fabiyi wrote; Iyabo, deep inside my heart, I still doesn’t wish to get angry or quarrel with you, I am still in shock how this turn out. Dear, find peace with others and yourself. I won’t say because of this issue then deny who you were, you used to be a nice person Iyabo. I forgive all hurts done to me. Be good, hopefully this meet you well he said. So actor Yomi Fabiyi has finally made peace with actress Iyabo Ojo. This was coming after actress Iyabo Ojo shared a video on her social media platform, saying she has forgiven everyone that offended her.

Yomi Fabiyi and Iyabo Ojo’s fight started when Baba Ijesha was arrested for defiling a 14 years old girl. Yomi Fabiyi was in support of Baba Ijesha while Iyabo Ojo was in support of Princess Damilola, the actress whose daughter was defiled. So that was how Iyabo Ojo and Yomi Fabiyi fight started, and now they have ended their fight as they made peace with each other. Yomi Fabiyi is a talented Yoruba actor, movie producer, entrepreneur, scriptwriter, movie director and an award winning actor. Yomi Fabiyi has featured and produced several blockbuster movies. Yomi Fabiyi is one of the most sought after actors we have in the entertainment industry. Yomi Fabiyi unique method of interpreting movie scripts is top notch. Iyabo Ojo on the other hand, is a talented actress who has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. Iyabo Ojo has won numerous awards and nominations over the years. Iyabo Ojo is a single mother of two children namely Festus and Priscilla Ojo. Iyabo Ojo is a brand ambassador, brand influencer, content creator and a businesswoman.

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