Yoruba Actor Tunbosun Odunsi Reveals Why He Cries Effortlessly In Movies (Video)

Tunbosun Odunsi while speaking to BBC Yoruba has revealed why he cries effortlessly in movies.

The veteran actor who is famous for his ability to make viewers get emotional through his tears in movies said that he cries effortlessly in movies because he is an actor and a good actor must learn to play any role given to him.

He explained that he has observed how people do when they are sad and how people react when they are happy, Tunbosun affirms that this observation is what made crying in movies very easy for him to do.

Speaking further, the man who was speaking in Yoruba language posit that he has played other roles like a Judge, Prophet and Police officer but it seems many know him more for his ability to cry in movies.

Conclusively, Tunbosun Odunsi insisted that he can play any role given to him because that is the essence of a good actor.

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