Nigerians storm Faithia Balogun’s page to rain curses on her over role in “Oko Iyabo” movie

Nigerians have stormed actress, Faithia Balagun, now known as Faithia William’s page to rain curses on her for taking a role in Yomi Fabiyi’s controversial movie, Oko Iyabo.

earlier reported that the new movie “Oko Iyabo” which chronicles the Baba Ijesha rape scandal sparked fury from not just Nigerians, but celebrities as well.

Recall that Baba Ijesha was arrested by the police in April for alleged sexual assault of the 14-year-old foster daughter of comedienne, Princess.

Fabiyi, had organised a protest against the detention of Baba Ijesha and expressed readiness to stand as his surety.

The movie is produced by the actor, Fabiyi and also directed by Dele Matti.

Last month, Fabiyi had tweeted “The Movie “OKO IYABO” location loading. A lovely story & concept. We are gettng ready. Una don watch OKO RAMOTA & u enjoyed it, get ready for OKO IYABO.”

The movie features other Yoruba veteran acts including Faithia Balogun, Hassan Ogogo, Adewale Elesho, Toyin Afolayan, Baba Olafaina, Akeem Alimi and many others.

Nigerians stormed Faithia Balogun’s page to rain curses on her for taking a role in the movie.

See some reactions below:

One Scents by Halar wrote, “Oloshi, oloriburuku ni yin ma…. I never expected you to be this insensitive someone wrote a script to trivialize a girl’s case…. And even you had no decency to say NO…. You lack the tiniest legal knowledge how do y’all go make a film about someone’s true life story without their permission and still use their real names… Is that how dumb you all are? I wonder if you’d do the same if it was your daughter in question….. As a sensible adult the right thing to do regardless of who is right or wrong in that case is to steer clear of controversy but NO you’re shameless you had to star in it no wonder Aunty remi slapped some sense into you at that party y’all disgust me… BLOCK ME MADAM ITS THE BEST YOU CAN DO”

One Mafuzah wrote, “If shameless was a person. Even if ikebe super was daft sheybi they said “agba okin wa loja kori omo tun tun wo “ but since ti agba tiyin wa useless, you can’t see what’s wrong about the script. Agbaya, Eranko ……..”

Nikky ShineShine wrote, “I don’t want to believe what I just watched about this oko iyabo no no no it can’t be true no way”

Call Me Dammy wrote, “I always wonder why people disrespect so much, your presence in yomi’s new movie explains it. You are indeed a classless woman. So disappointed”

Wumitepretty wrote, “Abeg how much yomi give this woman, that makes her to disgrace her generation like this@faithiawilliams just bcoz it involved anty iyabo, this is bad, ontop change, I don’t blame u Sha,when guy way no reach ur age carry u go Dubai for ur yeye birthday, how u wan get sense.Na small boys dey”

One Peyemi Vopel wrote, “I can’t believe my niece is your daughters friend in NTIC, I will warn her to stop talking to your daughter. For you to agree to act a movie that states it’s ok for a minor to date an elderly man shows that is what you are teaching your daughter. I will tell my niece my niece to avoid your daughter at all cost.”

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