I Am Not Giving Up, Popular Actress Funmi Awelewa Says, As She Posts New Picture (photos)

Fans have continued to react to the recent picture uploaded by popular nollywood actress, Funmi Awelewa, also known as Morili, on her Instagram page. The popular actress who uploaded her picture on Wednesday said she has decided not to give up. She opined that giving up on any situation is not good, hence the reason behind her decision not to back down on her aims. Funmi explained that anyone who gives up on any situation is weak.

However, her fans have been reacting to the post. They opined that the picture uploaded by the actress is captivating and beautiful. They eulogized her for being beautiful. They also showered encomiums on her husband for taking good care of her. Funmi Awelewa is a popular nollywood actress. She is known as Morili by her fans. The Ibadan-born actress has acted in several movies and produced many. She has also won several awards.

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