Oko Iyabo: You Do Not Deserve To Be A Father – Femi Branch blasts Yomi Fabiyi

Femi Branch, a Nollywood actor, has slammed and dragged his colleague Yomi Fabiyi over his film Oko Iyabo. With the contrasting parts he and Iyabo Ojo played in the drama, the actor mimicked the alleged defilement case between Baba Ijesha and comedienne Princess’ foster daughter, utilizing the genuine names of all the characters acted.

Femi slammed his colleague in a lengthy video posted to his social media website, stating he doesn’t deserve to be considered a father. He called him a disgrace to all filmmakers around the world. Yomi took advantage of a poor girl’s suffering to gain attention for himself, according to the actor, who added that it is terrible that he is such a brainless and disgusting guy.

He urged the Nigerian police to question Yomi Fabiyi and warned him that he should expect to spent time in prison for violating a court order by creating a film about a matter that is still pending. Filmmaking, according to Femi, is a sacred weapon intended to redress societal wrongs, but Yemi tainted it by using it to victimize a young, innocent child.

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