‘Pursue life with intentionality’ – Nollywood Actress Toyin Abraham advises fans

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has advised her fans and followers to be purposive about their lives, hoping that their dream will always be valid as long as they live.

In a post shared on Instagram, Toyin Abraham said a person should realise that the turning point that they have been waiting for is not for others to believe them, but they should believe in themselves.

Toyin Abraham adds that people should trust themselves more than they doubt themselves so that doubt will not rob them of the opportunities they need towards achieving their dreams.

According to Toyin Abraham, people should learn to persevere more when they feel the urge to quit and stay joyful.

She wrote: Today, I hope you pursue life with intentionality. I hope you remember that your dreams will always be valid as long as you live.

I hope you realise that the turning point you’ve been waiting for is not for someone to believe in you but for you to believe in yourself. I hope you trust yourself more than you doubt yourself.

I hope you refuse to let doubt rob you of the opportunities you need to take towards achieving your dreams. I hope you persevere more whenever you feel the urge to quit. I hope you stay joyful.

I hope you always remember that it’s easier to keep going when you believe the best about yourself. Good morning, fam!

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