“I am Olorisa, stop stigmatizing ” -Yoruba Actress Oyin Elebuibon reveals

Nollywood actress, Oyin Elebuibon has stated explicitly that she’s neither a Christian nor Muslim. She claimed to be a worshipper of “Orisa”; a typical name for deities In Yoruba land.

The delectable actress also warned people to desist from stigmatizing and marginalizing the worshippers of Orisa. She also added that the rule of law permits the freedom of thought, conscience and religion a enshrined In the constitution of the country.

“Yoruba land Is not Arab land. We are descendants of Orisa.” The actress stated on her Instagram post. She Implored people to allow Orisa worshippers celebrate their ancestors and deities In peace.

Oyin Elebuibon, who Is currently domiciled abroad, also declared that evil Is not peculiar to the Olorisas because evil lives In all human. “Being an Orisa devotee Is neither a crime nor evil.” The actress concluded.

The traditional religion still hold sway In many local communities In Yoruba land. However, Islam and Christianity are the major religions practised In Nigeria today.

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