Veteran Yoruba Actor Abija Wara Celebrates His Beautiful Wife On Her Birthday In Style Today

The talented Nigerian veteran Yoruba actor Abija Wara celebrates his pretty wife today on her birthday. Abija Wara took to his social media platform, to share stunning pictures of his beloved wife as she adds another year today.

Celebrating his wife birthday, veteran actor Abija Wara wrote; Happy birthday to my lovely wife and the mother of our children. You make me happy and proud of things we built together. My dear wife, may your birthday be full of happiness as you have made me. Happy birthday dear, blow your candles out and make a wish. I will do everything to make your birthday wishes come true. Happy birthday my life partner he said. So veteran actor Abija Wara has celebrated his wife birthday in a very special way. Abija Wara is a talented veteran Yoruba actor, movie producer, scriptwriter, entrepreneur and movie director. Abija Wara attended Local Authority primary school in Osogbo, Osun state. But he could not go beyond primary school. He got his name Abija Wara through a construction company called Abija Wara Bi Ekun construction company in Osogbo. The company was owned by respectable old men and then, veteran actors and actresses went there to do a 13 week play. The leader of that group thought of what they should call this veteran actor, and that was how they suggested to call him the name of that constriction company.

They have 25 episodes in that play and he was asked to use the name Abija Wara BI Ekun. Later on, they simply call him Abija Wara, before then he has been using some other stage names but they were not that popular until when he started using Abija Wara. Abija Wara is his only stage name that became popular and became this veteran’s actor trademark. Even up till now, only a few know his real name, because this stage name has overshadowed his real name. Abija Wara real name is Tajudeen Oyewole. The movie that brought Abija Wara to limelight was Opa Aje. He is married to only one woman and blessed with beautiful children. He met his wife when he was in secondary school in Igogo, a town in Oyo state, it was around 1989. His wife name is Ramotalia and she is from Kwara state in Ilorin to be precise. Abija Wara is known to play the role of an herbalist in movies and constantly doing good and fighting dark forces. His father is an Ifa Priest, he was born into traditional practice. Abija Wara is one of the most respected thespians we have in the entertainment industry. He is no doubt a force to reckon with in the Nigerian movie industry. So happy birthday to Abija Wara’s wife.

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