Nollywood Actress Ruth Kadiri Shows Off Her Lookalike Daughter, Reign As They Stun Together In New Photos

The love of a mother for her child is very strong. Mothers tend to show Off their kids at any slightest opportunity. Just the way Ruth Kadiri is doing today.

Ruth kadiri has taken to her Instagram page to flaunt lovely photos of herself with her lookalike daughter, Reign Ezerika.

Looking at their faces, they are beaming with smiles. This is what you get when a mother and her daughter are perfect match. Even though there are mothers out there who are a complete mismatch with their daughters.

Ruth is a lovely and caring mother to her daughter, Reign. No wonder she said in one of her posts that, once she is back from work, her daughter Reign is all that matters.

Obviously, both the mother and daughter enjoy being in eachother’s space. They vibe together and do virtually everything together.

Mere looking at Reign, she is the replica of her mother, talk of round face and smiles. It can only be God.

Feed your eyes below:

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