‘Don’t make me just a workaholic, I deserve a Range Rover Vogue’ Actress Biola Adebayo says

Nollywood actress Biola Adebayo has declared that she doesn’t just want to be a workaholic but a wealthy person as she cries to God for a Range Rover Vogue.

This comes amidst the growing trend of Range Rover and houses acquisition by many Nollywood stars.

Taking to her Instagram page to repost a recommendation from Nollywood citadel that she is the most featured Yoruba Nollywood actress in all trending Yoruba movies produced this year, Biola makes a special request to God.

Biola Adebayo averred that she deserves a Ranger Rover with the level of her hard work in recent times.

She wrote: Father Lord! Please don’t make me just a workaholic o, but a wealthy person (mase mi ni oni se o, semi ni oloro) Now I deserve a Range Rover Vogue.

Father Lord , he don tey wey I Dey work back to back, please range me up, walahi I deserve it. please Lord I don’t mind Gwagon too o ABBA father. jo fi Alubarika repete si ise owo mi.

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