“I can’t believe it’s two years already” yoruba actress Bukola Arugba says as she remember her late mother who died 2 years ago

Awoyemi Bukola Grace whose name is shortened with Abukola Arugba or better still Awoyemi Arugba is a Nigerian leading actress, model, influencer and film maker.

The actress name spontaneously brushed the Nigerian Nollywood industry off her feet with the released of what is termed extraordinary movie, Arugba.

The talented and creative actress acted as the lead character in her self-produced movie.

Arugba remember her mother two years after death took her away.

She share her mother photo on Instagram and wrote;

 E ba mi kira fun mama mi, e ba mi kira fun mama mi, orisa bi iya o, kosi laye, 🎶
I can’t believe it’s two years already, I thought after two years , I would cry no more, I thought after two years, missing you would have reduced , I felt after two years this pain in my heart 💜 would have gone. But no😔😞 mama, no day goes by without the thought of you, how could I have thought I would stop crying for my mama? You are so good at heart💜. You meant well for everyone. Only GOD ALMIGHTY can tell why you left so soon, I miss you iya mi , mummy , I have a lot to tell you, I have a lot of advices I need you to give me. A lot is happening I knew if you were here it wouldn’t have been so. Mummy , thank you for not leaving us in spirit. Thank you ma 🙏🏽 for still keeping your beautiful, loving eyes on my siblings and I, your sweet and good dear husband, as you fondly call him, and your adopted children. Thank you for still checking on my lovely twins, the presence of your gentle spirit around them is a great solace and comfort each time we feel neglected. I miss you 😢 coming to stand in for me each time I needed to go to location, your twins miss those evening walk , and those songs while bathing for them. My beautiful 🤩 adorable, gorgeous, prayerful, Godly , loyal, loving , caring mother . Thank you ma for not leaving us , thank you ma’am for all you do, thank you ma’am for who you are. I find it difficult using “past tense “ for you . Cos for me , you live on, I love you. No one like you mama Bukola, Mama OLUWABUKOLA 💜 rest peacefully ABIYAMO TOOTO 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Her post;

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