Yoruba Actress, Kabirah Kafidipe Known As “Arapa Re Gangan” In Sawaro Ide Clock 41 Today (photos)

She is one of Nigeria’s top actors whose career dated back to when she was young and referred to as one of the future great actors.
Kabirat Mojisola a.k.a Araparegangan for her role in Saworoide, a blockbuster movie produced by Tunde Kelani, this has made her grow in the industry, though not a regular on every movie but her sense of settling for a good story has really set a standard for her amongst her peers.

The actress Celebrates her birthday today, sharing the post on her Instagram page Kabirah wrote;

It’s my birthday today and I’m doing #throwbackthursday to 1st August, 2018🌹
(3 days after my birthday) at my nieces graduation in Ago Iwoye. Ogun state.That day I was not in the best frame of mind reason being that I had a traumatic experience on my birthday (I did countless istikhara on something I really love and treasure and it was coming to a reality but got a call on my birthday that i can’t get mine anymore. I thought it was my break through in the journey to had worked really hard on a project and one of the powerful ones in the contract cheated by refusing to sign after we’d all reached an agreement), leaving me in shock and wonder 💭 I thought my life had crumbled and could never be fixed again 😢 almost lost my Iman 😞 but the grace of God found me and I was able to stay in control though I was in distress… I rushed to the back of the house to talk to Allah, in tears 😭 I spoke “Ya Allah, thank you for helping realise this is a test of faith for me, I need you right now to help me get through this test without it consuming me. I believe you did this for my own good but I’m tired and can’t move on right now, help me my Rabb 🤲😭
I was soaked in tears when my brother found me and spoke to me from a distance “Kabirah, no be you dey always preach to us” oya get up, I know you are stronger than this and today is your birthday, let’s go out. And we all went out. That was like a message from Allah and a turning point for me. Alhamdulillah I was able to pass the test and I grew stronger in my faith in ALLAH.So, no matter what it is you are going through in life, always know that you didn’t create yourself and Almighty Allah will never test you with what he knows will be too big for you. Keep staying true with ALLAH and HE will always come through for you.
Love you for the sake of Allah

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