As a Yoruba, a woman without a crown(husband) is sometimes ridiculed and not respected enough than a married woman. In the Yoruba movie industry, while some are yet to settle down, many have found their crown either outside the industry or inside the industry.

In the industry, we have popular couples like the Ajeyemi’s, Johnson’s, Olatunji’s and many popular Yoruba couples. However, in this article, we would be looking at the ones that many don’t know married their colleagues;

  1. Yewande Adekoya

Beautiful thespian, Yewande Adekoya is one of the popular Yoruba actresses in Nigeria who is multi-talented and vastly experienced in the interpretation of roles.

Yewande Adekoya is married to a handsome man whom many may not know acts in Yoruba movies too. Yewande Adekoya got married to Abiodun Ishola Thomas in 2013, and the bond between the couple remain strong to date. They welcomed another child, a baby girl in 2020 which makes their children two.

  1. Olaide Oyedeji

Olaide Oyedeji is one of the popular Yoruba actresses who is talented, experienced and loved by many Nigerians for her amusing roles in movies.

The beautiful actress is married to another Yoruba actor, Olukotan Oyedeji who is one of the talented Yoruba actors in the Yoruba movie industry. Although, he is not that popular the actor has featured in many Yoruba movies alongside his beautiful wife.

The couple welcome a child this September 2021 as Olaide gave birth to a bouncing baby boy in Germany.

  1. Bukky Adekongbe Raji

Bukky Adekongbe popularly known as Aminatu Papapa is another talented actor who is also good in the niche she carved for herself. Bukky Adekongbe is one of the best actresses in the Yoruba movie industry and has featured in many movies.

Bukky Adekongbe is married to a handsome popular Yoruba actor, Lukman Raji who is one of the popular Yoruba actors in Nigeria. Lukman Raji and Bukky have been together for a while and have beautiful children together.

  1. Esther Kalejaye

Esther Kalejaye is a popular Yoruba actress who has made name for herself in the Yoruba movie industry. The beautiful actress is multi-talented and well-known in the industry. Esther Kalejaye is one of the Yoruba actresses who has been featured in many Yoruba movies.

Esther Kalejaye is married to popular Yoruba actor, Afeez Eniola who is one of the most talented thespians in the Yoruba movie industry. Afeez Eniola and Esther Kalejaye has been married for more than a decade and are blessed with amazing children.

  1. Bimbo Ogunowo

Beautiful Yoruba actress, Bimbo Ogunowo is one of the popular Yoruba actresses who is multi-talented and vastly experienced in acting movies. She has featured in lots of Yoruba movies and she did exceptionally well.

Bimbo Ogunowo is married to a popular Yoruba movie filmmaker, Okiki Afolayan who was an actor before deciding to go into movie making. Okiki Afolayan is a moviemaker, director and producer who has made many Yoruba movies.