Truck driver hailed a hero as he risks his life to drive a burning truck out of a residential area (video)

burning truck

A Nigerian man, identified as Ejiro Otarigho, has been hailed as a hero after he risked his life to drive a burning truck out of a residential area to save others.

To lessen the damage that a flaming truck might cause if it exploded, Otarigho drove it away from a heavily crowded residential neighbourhood in Agbarho Town, Ughelli North, Delta State, to a sparsely populated location.

The senior special assistant to the Delta State government, Agba Abraham, who shared videos of the heroic driver on Facebook, revealed that he is alive and well.

The video showed Otarigho driving the truck to a bush path with no houses or stores nearby.

“This truck driver Mr Ejiro Otarigho deserve a National Honours for averting National disaster that would have destroyed sources of lives and properties in Agbarho Town, Ughelli North LGA. See how the driver risk his life to divert the truck from town to safe environment. I urge revelant Authority both National and State to act. I have spoken to Mr Ejiro, he is safe and healthy.

“I just spoke with the Heroic driver Mr Ejiro Otarigho, he is Hail and healthy. Let’s continue to share this post until relevant Agency act.” Agba Abraham wrote on Facebook.

Watch video below,