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Actress Seilat leaves many gushing as she celebrates her husband

Actress Seilat
Actress Seilat
Actress Seilat

Yoruba Nollywood actress Seilat Adebowale has penned a sweet message to celebrate her husband, Poju Adeyemo, ahead of his birthday.

The beautiful actress took to her social media page, Instagram, to share a cozy photo of herself and her husband with a lovely message.

Seilat, who could not curtail her love for her husband, revealed that her husband never allowed her to go to bed angry.

Seilat, in anticipation of her husband’s birthday, declares her undying love for him, stating she adores and cherishes him.

She wrote: My brother!!!!! One who would never allow me go to bed angry! I adore you and I cherish you. Your wife is blessed oo
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It was recalls that Seilat Adebowale took to Instagram to express her undying love for her husband, Adepoju.

The fast-rising Yoruba actress shared a picture of herself and her husband accompanied by a message full of prayer and praises.

Seilat appreciated his presence and support in her life. She thanked him for being a blessing in disguise.

She wrote:Adepoju!
I deserve you! Yes I do!
As a merit? Maybe not.
As a blessing ? Absolutely!
You are a valid proof of Jesus’ unfailing love for me
Thank you for your constant support. I am deeply grateful 🙏🏾 @pojuspeaks