Yoruba Actress Motilola Adekunle Celebrates her beautiful daughter as she turns a year older today.

Motilola Adekunle

The popular Yoruba actress, Motilola Adekunle has taken to her social media account to celebrate her daughter who turned a year older today. Her daughter clocked five years old today and she shared cute pictures of her to mark her birthday.77b78897b69c4d0db26852b58db08637?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720

While celebrating her daughter on her Official Instagram page, she said “Happy birthday my beautiful daughter, you are amazing in ways i can’t even begin to put in words”. She said she lights up wherever she is with her positive spirit, she said she loves her so much. Many people have gone to social media to wish her daughter well, some wished her more growth in life while others said her daughter is very beautiful.e93816885d2a428bb9332fab7e75d41c?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720bb59677d396e4a0da6795027a552f83a?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720f439ae7017474f7ca13f245e73ede8ff?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720

Motilola Adekunle is doing well for herself in the movie industry, she has achieved a lot for herself and she is currently making waves in the entertainment industry.

A very happy birthday to Motilola’s daughter, we wish her more success in life.