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“We all knew she was dating a president” Mixed reactions trail Jackie Appiah’s alleged engagement to Liberian president

Jackie Appiah

Reports making rounds has it that beloved Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah is allegedly engaged to Liberian president, George Oppong Weah.

A Ghanaian blog claimed that the loverbirds are planning to tie the knot on the 26th December, 2022.

According to the site, Jackie and the president have been in a long-term relationship. The two began dating in 2016 when he was still a Senator.

It was further alleged that the president was the one who built Jackie’s mega mansion, which is one of a kind, in Ghana.


The report has left many divided over the highly sought after actress. While many concurred to the reports, others defended the actress.

One Darot Peace Dude wrote, “The goals of every actress in Nollywood is to enter Politics

One Queendest Beddings wrote, “No wonder… Is now making sense to me

One Onome Bae wrote, “That Asaba actress don go bring out Jackie leg

One Laydee Nene wrote, “We all knew she was dating a president, just didn’t know which one! All the best

One Jane Udensi wrote, “Na now we know where the house money come from. Nothing can be hidden under the sun for long. Congrats to them

One Nyere wrote, “No wonder she has one of the best mansion in Ghana. I was like how did she make her money

One Floxy Ray wrote, “If that is it she went for a very big fish not like our Nigerian actress when dey sleep with people hungry husband got bone straight and phones

One Conleth Hills wrote, “Women are it against polygamy, dey just hate it with a poor man

One Virtue London wrote, “Leave this lady alone, she’s not in any relationship with him, your lies I’d too much, your lies can kill ppl

One Sundaimah wrote, “This is not true. Our president isn’t doing such thing

Jackie Appiah is allegedly pregnant for the Liberian President

Recall that news made rounds weeks back that Jackie Appiah is allegedly pregnant.

The new-look of Jackie Appiah on social media had raised eyebrows. As always, internet sleuths had started their personal assessment on her and had come to the conclusion that the actress is pregnant.

The photos she took at Adonko Next Level Virtual Launch that came off September 21st at Holiday Inn, Accra, had further fueled rumours.

Jackie Appiah’s mega mansion

NGV news recalls that Jackie Appiah’s first house had been unveiled to the world.

The Ghanaian actress had left many in awe over her business mindset and grass to grace story.

Sharing photos of her house, Cutie Julls revealed how the actress was mocked and ridiculed for staying with her mum.

According to Cutie Julls, when Jackie built her first house, she lived in it for one year, moved back to her mother’s house and started renting the house.

The rents which she made from the property went into acquiring other properties of which she paid in installments.

Her decision to live with her mother made by a subject of mockery from her colleagues who laughed at her for living with her mother despite her status.

However, she was able to rise above it and used the rent from her first house to build her empire.