Woman reveals off her housemaid’s very good sooner than and one yr after transformation (video)

A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to point off her housemaid’s transformation one yr after she moved into her dwelling to work as a help.

The woman, acknowledged as @MrsSenator on TikTok, posted a video compilation of her housemaid’s sooner than and after photographs exhibiting her bodily modifications.

The housemaid, who appeared slender when she was newly employed by the girl, appeared unrecognizable as she had evidently added weight and wore better-looking clothes after staying alongside along with her.

What video below;


The video has stirred sweet reactions on social media as netizens applauded the girl for treating her househelp properly.

An Instagram individual with cope with @ivysparkles123 wrote, “Just a few of those housemaids are actually top quality na scenario from their papa dwelling bend them. Mine transformed like this in 1 yr too. The dad saved thanking me”

However, some netizens berated the girl for utilizing an underage lady as a maid.

@joyaustin4743 wrote, “That’s nonetheless nonsense. Why use her as a maid? She is a toddler. That’s infant labour. Why not current her off as an adopted daughter of yours. That’s toxic and disgusting. These women that use children as maids must be clamped down by the federal authorities.”