Moment Curvy Lady Stopped Ruger From Grabbing Her While Dancing With Him On Stage (Video)


Afrobeats musician Ruger, who frequently makes headlines for being improperly touched by female fans while performing, has experienced the opposite of this.


The musician recently performed at a concert in Kenya, stunning the crowd with a fantastic show.

The highlight of the night, though, was when a woman with a lot of assets refused to let Ruger hold her behind while they were dancing on stage.

She joined him on stage as he was performing and started to burst out his famous dance move, as seen in a viral video.

Ruger tried to get closer to her for a more private moment, but she continued to give him distance while continuing the dance steps.

He persisted, and he managed to briefly hold her behind before she brushed his hand away.

The singer eventually gave up attempting to elicit the desired response from the performer as she did a split before departing the stage.

Watch the video below: