Why Omotola Is My Role Model – Toyin Abraham


Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi is still celebrating the release of her latest movie, Ijakumo (Born Again Stripper) which is still showing in cinemas nationwide. In promotion of the movie, Toyin sat down with Media Room Hub to talk about the movie. During the interview, a question was finally answered about why Toyin Abraham is so obsessed with Omotola. In case you do not know, Toyin Abraham ADORES Omotola. Over the years, Toyin Abraham has shown endless love and admiration to Omotola at every chance she gets.

When Omotola celebrated 25 years in entertainment, Toyin Abraham wrote about Omotola saying:

Hey Mama! Congratulations on your 25 years in Entertainment! Beyond being an amazing person, you are a great inspiration and in you lies an inexhaustible depth of creativity! Thank you for all you do to move the industry forward. Look at TEFFEST, you keep setting the pace and we cannot help but love and appreciate you for it. As you celebrate 25 years Anniversary, I wish you longevity, endless joy, more innovations, good success and more groundbreaking roles and projects. Happy Anniversary OMO T. Thanks for your constant support and love! Cheers to 25 years strong. I love you Omotola.

When Omotola celebrated her birthday, Toyin Abraham again posted her on her page and wrote:

Happy birthday to my role model Omotola. I really do look up to you and I pray may I always have reasons to look up to you. Love you so much and thanks for always looking out for me.

Because of these, people have often wondered why Toyin Abraham seems so in love with Omotola, and why of all the women in the entertainment industry, it is Omotola that is her role model. Well, now Toyin is explaining why. Here is what she said.

During her new interview with Media Room Hub, Toyin Abraham finally explained about her love for Omotola saying:

To me there is nobody that is complete. Some people are able to hide their own bad characters, they are able to hide their bad characters behind cameras. So, to me there is nobody, there is no total woman, there is no total man. We are not perfect, so to me, I don’t think that there is anybody that is a complete woman to me.

[But] everybody knows that I have a role model, my role model is Omotola Jalade Ekeinde. She is my role model, I love her because she has been able to pull together her career, husband, and family, and she is still relevant, that is my role model.

I don’t want to ever lose my home. I don’t want to have a broken home. I do not want to. I don’t want to have a broken home. I can’t imagine myself and my husband not living together. I cannot even imagine. I can’t! That is the only fear I have, you know. I know I can’t lose my husband, I know my husband cannot lose me. That is why we used to pray. So that is my only fear. But I know it is ordained by God, so there is nothing to be scared of.

So I guess Toyin’s obsession with Omotola is because of what Omotola has been able to do with her family and career.