It is 18 years jail sentence -Gideon Okeke cries out over the custody of his kids

It is 18 years jail sentence -Gideon Okeke cries out over the custody of his kids
It is 18 years jail sentence -Gideon Okeke cries out over the custody of his kids
It is 18 years jail sentence -Gideon Okeke cries out over the custody of his kids

Actor, Gideon Okeke has cried out over the aftermath of his divorce from his wife, Chidera.

Nollygistvibes reported months back that Okeke confirmed his divorce from his wife after two years.

The father of two is however reeling in the aftermath of his divorce as he reveals the hardest part he is dealing with. According to Okeke, the Federal Government melted a harsh punishment on him for a marriage that did not work out.

He further revealed that he has restricted access to his kids until they turn eight years old because he didn’t win their custody during divorce proceedings. Okeke also noted that he can’t take his children out to have fun because he is visitation rights are bound to the four walls of a compound.

Gideon Okeke cries out over custody of his kids

Taking to his Instagram story, he wrote: When I think of my 18year jail sentence I remember even people on death row get 3 visitations as part of the last living rights and the choice of a planned meal before their execution.

people serving life, get visitation even leading up to a conjugal. These are rights laid out for the ones who have wronged society. Whose rightful place is in the gallows.

But parental alienation and depravation is an ill punishments upon a father who wants to be there for his sons. But by the Federal Government of my kids affairs… I don’t get custody and yet my visitation rights are restricted, ONLY with the 4 corners of their compound. As in I cant even take them for ICE CREAM.

A marriage went south. this is MY L in Lesson.

Gideon Okeke shares possible outcome of his restrictions

Reflecting on the possible outcome of restricting him from the lives of his kids before they turn eighteen, Okeke shared a picture of his first son, Ezra and noted that he would show up at his doorstep one day before his ban elapses.

He wrote: See this boy… i have no doubt that one day before “18 year shadow ban” elapses, (by the Federal Govt of those who know it all) Dude will show up at my doorstep. One day.

Gideon Okeke’s marriage crashes

Nollygistvibes reported in May that the marriage of Gideon Okeke and his wife, Chidera crashed in May.

The couple who got married in 2019, had unfollowed each other, deleted photos of themselves on Instagram, and ignored their wedding anniversary which was in April.

Then, Nollygistvibes did a check on their Instagram pages; Chidera had taken down her husband’s surname from her Instagram bio.

Gideon and Chidera got married in 2019 at a star-studded wedding ceremony in Lagos. Prior to their white wedding, the couple held their traditional wedding in December 2018. Their marriage produced two kids.

Gideon Okeke confirms divorce from wife, Chidera

Nollygistvibes reported in October 2022 that Gideon Okeke confirmed his divorce from his wife, Chidera.

The actor took to his Instagram story and issued out a Public Service Announcement on his divorce.

He admitted to receiving breakfast (which is a slang for being dumped) from his wife, the actor opened up on his divorce.

Gideon revealed that it has been a hard hot pill that he had to swallow, but it humbled him.

He asked for his fans to put him and his sons in prayers and not pity party.