Clown of the industry – Netizens shade Yul Edochie on his 41st birthday

Yul Edochie
Yul Edochie
Yul Edochie

As congratulatory messages continue to pour in for actor, Yul Edochie on his 41st birthday, some Netizens have seized the opportunity to shade him for being a polygamist.

NGV reported that Yul declared himself as a proud polygamist with claims that God gave him the go-ahead to cheat on his wife and eventually marry his baby mama, Judy Austin.

His first wife, May on her path clearly revealed her stance against polygamy.

Netizens shade Yul Edochie
While receiving congratulatory messages on his 41st birthday, Netizens who are still of the opinion that Yul destroyed his beautiful family took to the comment section of his 41st birthday post to slam him.

One Skach interior wrote: Past glory, …only God knows what else you will do to your family this year.

Vicli wrote: What is wrong is wrong and what is bad is bad as men condemned it so as heaven does we do not hate you but we hate the wrong decision u took as a role model…….. Happy Birthday to you Nwa.

Omolachic wrote: Odogwu the polygamist wish you all the blessings of today and beyond amen! By the time you’re 42 I’ll be your 3rd wife , your wealth would have become more plentiful.

Bunny Girl wrote: Happy birthday Yul, I pray for more wisdom to navigate life, I also pray that you are free from the shackles you have been caged in.

Lilly Ibegbu wrote: My own is the way they are calling God in defence of their attitude. Indeed God is a patient GOD. It don happen, it’s the punishment ( karma) that is next. Because life has a way of paying you BACK. For every pain, you caused the mother of your children and the wife of your youth MAY, may you receive it in million times. Age well.

Grace Okoye wrote: Happy birthday please if you have chance get pregnant for him he will automatically marry you, because he doesn’t allow his seed to germinate outside his family home, like some other baby daddies…Yul is a surebet for getting married, widows and single mothers apply, but you must be busty and huge…

Mira Onyi wrote: So at 40yrs only and you destroy your sweet home build under 18yrs. You have mind oooo. Any well you go for the wrong person and she will regret it soonest. Happy birthday.

Obi Franklyn wrote: Odogwu dizi confused. Odogwu adirozi together. He should better find a soft name biko.

Precious wrote: Ije nwoke aburo “ God called me to choose polygamy happy birthday general husband more strength is all I can wish you Maka the war no front bu strong one.

Regina wrote: Your wife May edochie used to celebrate you earl in the morning before even anybody will wake up from sleep every year, you see what you caused in ur family, heart will remain to judge you.

Gifted Okon wrote: Happy birthday to the first Nigerian man who introduced his second wife to his first wife on an Instagram Post!

Amaka wrote: Happy birthday odogwu more wives to come.

Osmond wrote: Clown of the industry Happy birthday.

Yul Edochie marks his 41st birthday

NGV reported hours ago that Yul Edochie took to his Instagram page to celebrate his birthday despite the many controversies surrounding his life.

Describing himself as Odogwu, Yul announced that he is 41 today.

“ODOGWU is 41yrs old today. I thank God Almighty for the gift of life. Happy birthday to me. EZEDIKE”.