Why So Many Celebrity Marriages Crash – Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham

In recent times, there have been a lot of news stories about popular celebrity couples breaking up, and divorcing. During her recent appearance on TVC’s “Your View”, actress Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi opened up about her take on the reason why so many celebrity marriages crash. Here is what Toyin Abraham said.

“A lot of marriages are crashing especially in the celebrity world. You are really holding on to your marriage the best you can. What do you think makes marriages crash? How do celebrities learn from you, at least so far, that your marriage is in tact and you seem to have very good family support. How do celebrities in your situation learn from you? What are you doing right?”

TOYIN ABRAHAM: Well, marriage does not have a manual. Because the man you married is different from the man I got married to. Who you are is different from who I am. So marriage does not have manual. But the only thing I tell people that are close to me, young couples, only thing I tell them is marriage does not have manual because sometimes when you ask this person what happened between you and A? You will say things that favor you. When you ask B, he or she is going to say things. So the point is that marriage does not have manual but what I will say is don’t be carried away by you being woke. I am an African woman. I respect my husband. I honor my husband. I tell him everything. I listen to him. He commands me and I follow.

“When both of you have different backgrounds and different ways of thinking, how do you compromise? Because a lot of marriages, especially celebrities, the wife is making so much money, she’s a star. You you’re even lucky that your husband is in the celebrity space, but there are some husbands that are not in the celebrity space and they’re finding it hard to manage.”

TOYIN ABRAHAM: That is the mistake that you people make. There is difference between fame, and there is difference between money. I have been popular for over twenty years, I started making money maybe five, six years ago. I became a millionaire maybe five, six years ago. All those years that you people were thinking, I wasn’t rich. So fame is different from riches. So you people always mix it up. And the point is most times, it’s not just celebrity marriages that crashes, a lot of marriages. But because we are in the limelight and moreover, even journalists, bloggers, the Nigerian community, you don’t even help our marriage. Okay let me give you an example. There is this guy, he is a comedian. He is like a son to me. So he was hugging me, it was my manager that was doing the video for him. He was hugging me, the next thing I started seeing, “Ah dirty woman, ashawo, she’s a married woman”. Mscheww. I even replied one of them, that it’s because you didn’t see the full video, someone that even kissed me. They started saying things. Because I’m a married woman, someone that I can actually be her mom or her big aunty cannot hug me? Cannot sleep on my chest? What are you guys thinking? So that’s the way it is. They bully us, they say all sorts of things. So imagine my husband is not understanding.